GPS offer a whole range of print and promotional items under one roof.  From inexpensive give away items through to more executive gifts.  Our range of products are so varied, we really cannot put them all into one brochure. Goods can be made to order, from your designs, depending on the quantity.  We have an extensive range of UK and worldwide manufacturers, who can make your designs from scratch.  So we are able to put your ideas into reality.  Bespoke goods imported will be CE approved, and the standard of quality and price will exceed your expectations.
Promotional items are a great way of keeping your name in front of your clients, constantly reminding them that you are there waiting for their call.  We all like a freebie gift, even though it may not of cost the earth, it’s something for nothing, with no catch, and that’s rare in this day an age !
Please do feel free to click into our promotional catalogue, the search bar is very useful for when you are on a tight budget or just need ideas for your promotions.  If this fails, please do call our sales team and let them take away the headache of sourcing products and give you a list of ideas that are in not only within your budget, but will suit the audience you are trying to target.